Hardscapes & Pavers

Hardscapes & Pavers


Complete Backyward designers have a wide variety of Stone pavers, Steppingstones and rock filllers for planter beds to choose from and are readily available for installation. Texture, tone and color are all important when selecting the correct landscape stone to accent your property. CB will supply the right stone and install it in the correct manner.

We Install All Types Of Pavers

  • Ceramic pavers
  • Travertine pavers
  • Marble pavers
  • Brick Pavers

What is hardscape?

If you view your Landscape as living and non-living , all the living features in your design; plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, are landscape. The other features are the hard design features like concrete, rocks, bricks, coquina, caprock, pavers, stone, and wood. Hardscaping also includes man-made structures like decks, pergolas, water features, that you use to accentuate your design. 

What Options do I have for hardscape?

Hardscape options should be incorporated into you landscape but not dominate it. You are trying to create an environmentally friendly aesthetically pleasing view of nature while accenting and highlighting areas or vegetation.

Stone pathways which move through and between gardens areas and stone in the planting areas that divides and captures perennials and annuals form patterns and contrasts that announce seaways from one presentation to the next.
The colors of stone and pavers and the types to be used should coordinate with the surrounding plants and trees to perpetuate the continuity where landscape meets and merges with hardscape.


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